How to choose an air rifle

Buying your first airgun

Tony Dobson from Tonys Camo and Airgun Centre in Saltney kindly gave us some time to explain the basics of buying an air rifle in the UK.

The video details the different types of air rifle commonly available in the U.K. including break-barrel, underlever, CO2 and PCP rifles and their relative merits. We also touch on the information that all airgun owners and users should be aware of (see links below for more information) including the laws on using and storing airguns.

This is a relatively long video for us, but we only just touch on the information you need to know. If you are considering buying your first airgun (for target practice or hunting/pest control) you need to visit your local airgun dealer or airgun club to find accurate and up to date information for your area. Be aware that the law is different in Scotland (as of 31st October – see HERE) and that whilst you do not need a licence for an airgun under 12ft/lbs power in England and Wales you still need to stay within certain rules on the storage and use of that air rifle. The British Association of Shooting and Conservation has a very useful section for airgunners on their website.

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