Outdoor Skills Training Courses

Navigation, Bushcraft, Foraging, Campcraft, Mountain and outdoor safety training courses in North Wales and across the U.K.

Original Outdoors is an established outdoor skills training provider based near Ruthin in North Wales.

We’ve been doing this for a while now – over a decade. We run training courses for clients of all types, from groups and individuals to emergency services and the armed forces and as well as our range of public courses we also offer private training and bespoke events.

Below you’ll find our range of bushcraft, campcraft, foraging and navigation courses plus other courses and events. The course calendar for the year is here and you can enquire about our events here.

Private and Bespoke Training

Any of our public courses can be booked as private events and we regularly create bespoke events, adventures and challenges for clients. To learn more about our private coaching, training and events services please visit this page.

These are some of our most popular private bookings:

The EST Framework

Original Outdoors runs training courses under the Environmental Survival Training (EST) Framework, a structured outdoor safety and skills programme developed for professional users.

The EST Framework offers training pathways form novice to instructor levels in land navigation, campcraft, mountain and forest survival, search operations (SAR) and for work and industry. There is a clear training progression with input from outdoor professionals of all backgrounds.

You can read more about the EST Framework here.

The Wilderness Skills Association

Original Outdoors is a founder member of the Wilderness Skills Association and also a member of the North Wales Environmental Outdoor Charter Group.

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