Survival Skills Coaching

Private survival and wilderness skills coaching for individuals and groups


private survival course
We made our name through delivering quality outdoor skills and safety training – bringing our background in outdoor activities, mountaineering, expeditions and mountain rescue together to create unique and bespoke training days and packages for individuals, groups and businesses.

Our clients range from individuals who want some training before setting off on a new adventure, or to prepare for a coming challenge to businesses who have used our services to bring survival and remote area training for their staff. We have worked with historical reenactment groups, clubs, social groups and unions to provide a truly unique outdoor day, weekend or week.

As well as our advertised courses we can link up with other quality outdoor providers to create a multi-activity package, or put you in touch with local accommodation providers so you can turn a private course with Original Outdoors into a bigger trip.

Just tell us your aims, when you need us and we’ll sort out the rest. Please contact us via or ring our offices on 01824 703121 and tell us about your ideal adventure.