Survival and Safety Training for Businesses

Bespoke training packages for professional users

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Over the last five years Original Outdoors has been called on by a diverse selection of businesses and professional users to provide safety and remote-area survival training to their staff and associates.
Building on our decade of delivering UK outdoor safety training and activities, plus a background in Mountain Rescue, we have created bespoke training packages for the following industries and users:

  • Navigation and survival training for an ecological consultancy that works in the uplands of the U.K.
  • Risk Assessments and safety consultancy for an environmental charity
  • Leadership and personal development training in an outdoor environment
  • Medical support and safety for outdoor events and races
  • Pre-expedition training for a number of overseas tour providers
  • Outdoor survival training for the British Armed Forces
  • Tracking and SAR consultancy for Police Forces
  • 1:1 coaching for journalists working in remote areas
  • Safety training and on-site safety for TV crews in various projects

We tailor each package to the client; knowing what the client wants to achieve, and their needs, is crucial to the way we structure our business. We can deliver training at our sites here in North Wales and across the U.K. and beyond.

If you think that the experience and quality training delivered by Original Outdoors is right for your business or organisation then you can contact us through this page, or email via

The EST Framework

In 2017 we brought together the training courses we have previously created for professional clients into a structured training programme – the Environmental Survival Training Framework. In 2018 we started to offer this to the general public and incorporated our existing outdoor skills training courses into it.

The EST Framework is designed to work at all experience levels, from novice to a full instructor development pathway. The framework is split into different training streams (Navigation, Campcraft, Survival, Search Operations, Work and Industry). There are courses at three levels for end-users (Levels 1, 2 and 3) and instructor training at higher levels.

Each course can be delivered to exactly match the client requirements and their environment.

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