MSR Access 2 Tent Review

Lightweight 4-Season Backcountry tent

The MSR Access 2 tent is lightweight, innovative and comes with a lot of features – but is it worth that hefty pricetag?
I reviewed it for, and you can read the full review here.

The video review is here:

The pitching video is here:

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  1. Hello,

    Me and a buddy currently use a Force Ten mountain tent mainly during the winter months in N.Wales and Scottish Highlands, its a good all around strong tent. However I am looking for a tent to use and carry solo to accumulate a few days experience in the UK mountains before a mountain course assessment.
    Do you think the Access 2 would be the right tent for UK mountains in autumn, winter and spring?
    Some other reviews mention the Access tents suffer from serious condensation, I know all tents suffer condensation to some extent.

    Any help appreciated

    • Hi Matt,

      It should be on your shortlist. I have used mine all year round in the UK and it’s been fine. The build quality and materials have held together well, and the packed size/weight isn’t too bad. If I had this tent years ago I would have probably chosen it for my ML assessment week 🙂

      I’ve not noticed too much of a condensation problem, and I have other mountain tents that are worse. It might depend on the environment the reviewer is testing it in – as you say, all tents get condensation.

  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your reply,

    Its nice to hear a review from someone that has used the Access in the same environment as I would use it. I have been looking at the Hubba Hubba NX, however I prefer the additional guy line points and stronger poles that the Access posses for uk hills, however I have been hesitant about buying an Access for two reasons: firstly, the price. Secondly other reviews surrounding the Access stating it can only be practically used during winter months with temperatures below 0 or possibly up to 10 degrees celsuis maximum due to a lack of breathability (mesh, vents).

    So in short you would recommend the Access over the Hubba Hubba for camping up on the side of the hills?


    • I haven’t got much experience of the Hubba Hubba, other than seeing clients use them so I can’t help there.

      I’m not sure why people are finding issues with condensation – it hasn’t been a problem for me in damp British conditions at either end of the thermometer. For solo use I didn’t notice any at all, and with two adult humans in there I didn’t notice any more than usual. The Wild Country one I slept in on Saturday night (lots of mesh vents and airflow) had more condensation than my Access 2 ever has.

      I wonder if people are looking at the lack of mesh vents then assuming it will be poorly ventilated?

  3. Yes, many people seem to write reviews and have opinions built on assertions, many have no real experience of using the actual product or applying it to the correct intended purpose.

    All I need to do now is build up the courage to press the ‘BUY’ button, thanks for your time.


  4. Hi there! how the tent stands the heavy rain? Im from Patagonia and strongs winds and heavy rain is a constant.

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