Professional Outdoor Services – Training, Consultancy and Expertise

Original Outdoors is an established outdoor skills training, consultancy and safety specialist based in North Wales and working across the UK and beyond. We have a team of experienced instructors and outdoor professionals who come from a wide range of backgrounds – from military and emergency services to expedition leadership and media.

We work on a diverse range of projects every year, including races, multi-day events, television productions and bespoke training for clients of every type.

Below are just a few of the services we offer – but if you think that we might be able to help in any way then please get in touch.

professional outdoor training courses

Charity Events and Races

Over the past decade we have helped dozens of charities and their supporters raise huge amounts through safe and ethical outdoor events, challenges and races. If you have a plan for a challenge, want to have some options put together or want to bring in some expert advice and assistance then we can help.

Event Safety Consultancy

We have helped create and manage some of the toughest races in the U.K., with experience working on multi-day triathlons, long distance races and ultramarathons and even music festivals and park runs. Our team have experience as event safety managers, medics, safety controllers and work every year with major charities to organise their events and keep their participants safe.

Corporate Events and Team Building

We regularly work with businesses large and small for team training and development trips in the mountains, the forests and along the coast of the UK. We have worked with teams on Snowdon and other mountain challenges, created unique team building events and helped companies develop strategies for resilience, cohesion and find ways of solving problems through outdoor challenges.

1:1 Training and Skills Coaching

Learning a new skill from scratch or developing an existing skill set in the outdoors can be a daunting prospect. If you prefer to learn alone, or alongside a group of peers, then we can offer private coaching and personal training in all of our core skills. If you have an idea of what you want to learn or need advice for preparation for a trip or event then please get in touch.

Emergency Services Training

Our team of instructors have experience of working with, for or training alongside the emergency services in the UK. We run training courses for emergency service clients, including GPS and navigation, search operations and remote area safety as part of the Environmental Survival Training Framework. If you require a bespoke training solution then please get in touch.

Location Scouting and Safety

The work that takes us into the hidden and remote parts of the U.K. has also given us a long list of unique and unseen locations in the mountains, forests and wild places of our islands. Combined with our skills in outdoor safety and logistics it is no surprise that we have worked with international photographers, creative agencies and television production crews before, during and post production.

Survival Training Awards

Survival training is not about jumping headlong off waterfalls and seeing who has the biggest knife – it’s about realistic skills training and development, safety planning and making good decisions. After years of bespoke courses and training for clients of all types we developed the Environmental Survival Training (EST) Framework, a structured survival and outdoor safety training programme with clear pathways from beginner to instructor levels.

Work and Industry Training

The great outdoors is not just a playground for climbers and hikers – it’s also a workplace for those working in any number of industries and services. We run a series of remote area and lone worker outdoor safety courses, from short-term courses through to advanced training and courses for managers and supervisors.

SAR and Tracking Courses

Those working in search and rescue and mountain rescue understand the complex nature of working in the toughest conditions on earth to help other people. As well as a dedicated series of courses for search operations and tracking we run navigation and GPS training courses, plus mountain and forest survival courses.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in any of the above services, or want to learn more about our courses and previous events then please contact our offices directly.