Private Training and Coaching

Learn what you want to in the environment you choose with experienced and friendly instructors

Every year we get asked about running one of our advertised courses as a private session for an individual or a group, and we often run bespoke sessions for people who want to do something slightly out of the ordinary.

Some people prefer to learn on a 1:1 basis, whilst others want to develop a set of skills within a certain time period. We can provide private coaching and instruction in every skill we advertise, as well as a lot that we don’t! Our team is made up of experienced and qualified outdoor instructors from military, search and rescue/mountain rescue, medical and expedition backgrounds. If we don’t have somebody who can teach you an outdoor skill then it probably doesn’t exist!

We have worked with individuals from all skill levels and backgrounds small and large charities and companies plus local authorities and agencies. We have also worked with the armed forces and Police in specialist roles.

The best way to find out how we can help you is to get in touch by email or request a call back from us. We will then discuss what you want to do, what your budget and timescale is and how we can deliver it for you. No matter how big your request or how small your budget I urge you to email, ring, send us a Facebook message or a carrier pigeon – we do not turn people away without providing help of some kind. Everybody has to start somewhere, and we are all constantly developing our own skills. No one person knows everything – and the best teachers are the ones who realise they still have much to learn themselves.

Private Foraging Days and Training

The fields, hedgerows and riverbanks of North Wales are a forager’s paradise and we have been running foraging training courses here for over a decade.
We can provide private foraging training, either 1:1 or for groups and other organisations.
We also work with chefs and restaurants to train their staff and help them source genuine wild and foraged food in the UK.

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Bushcraft, Wilderness Skills and Survival Training and Coaching

Working , playing and living in potentially hazardous outdoor environments is how we got into all of this. By going out into weird and wonderful places, making mistakes and learning from them we have developed a range of public training courses – but sometimes our clients need something a little out of the ordinary.
We offer 1:1 training and coaching, as well as private training and bespoke events in the world of survival, wilderness and expedition skills.

We also offer structured training under the Environmental Survival Training (EST) Framework.

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Parties, Events and Celebrations

If you love the great outdoors it’s only natural that you want to share that with those closest to you. An outdoor celebration or party doesn’t have to involve jumping headlong into cold water or dangling from the end of a rope – it can be a weekend sat around a campfire or on the side of a mountain. It could be learning a new skill or just immersing yourselves in nature and experiencing the wild places of the UK.

If you have the bare bones of an idea and want some inspiration then please get in touch. We have run everything from private versions of our public bushcraft and foraging courses to multi-day wild camping trips and even a private adventure race.

We do run bespoke outdoor stag and hen events, but as with all of our courses we do not allow alcohol during the course activities. Please contact us for further information.

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Booking a Private Session or Event with Original Outdoors

For you to get the very most out of any training time with us we will need to have a conversation with you about what you want to learn and the way you can go about it. We can work within all sorts of budgets and can deliver training sessions across the UK.

Please get in touch with us and one of our team will get back to you quickly.