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Ultramarathons are an area of huge growth in the UK outdoor market, and we are starting to see more interest from clients who want to improve their outdoor skills for this niche area of athletics. Last year we worked with Salim, who was heading to Nepal for the 2013 Everest Trail Race, and since 2012 we have been helping provide safety and medical cover for Brutal Events. For most of the last 10 years we have worked on other ultra-distance events, as well as expeditions and trips around the UK and around the world and shorter mountain races such as the Ashmei Trail Races and the fabled Snowdon Sevens.

So we know how much pain, joy, suffering and addiction is involved with ultra-distance events. But we also know the importance of having some basic, reliable skills under your belt which can make all of the difference. Knowing how to use a map and compass quickly and efficiently no matter how tired you are can make the difference between success and utter, abject failure. How many times have you ended up off-route and lost precious minutes, or worse, descended a huge slope only to find you have to go all of the way back up to rejoin the route? Did you kick yourself for making such a novice error? I know I did the last time it happened to me…

Using a romerThe skills involved in navigating during an ultramarathon are relatively simple to learn. We have been teaching navigation for many years now, and we offer a wide range of navigation courses for all skill levels. This is why we have created #NAVEMBER, which is our month of navigation training in North Wales.

For complete novices or those who want to learn from scratch we have our Basic Navigation weekend. Although this is suitable for beginners, it will give you the basic skills you need to read a map, take a bearing and to relocate yourself if you get lost.

If you feel you need something a bit more intensive, or want to take your basic skills to the next level then we have our Intermediate Navigation weekend. Building on the skills delivered in the Basic weekend, this is aimed at improvers or those who need more intensive training (anybody doing The Spine next year?).

We also offer private Custom Advanced Navigation coaching at a 1:4 ratio. These are charged per day, and we can focus on the skills you want to improve, be it the basic skills or the expert tips and tricks.

Night-nav-eventsIf your weakness is after-dark or poor-visibility then we have our Night Navigation evenings, which fast-track you to nocturnal mastery of navigation skills!

Finally, we have our GPS training day. We see so many ultra-athletes using GPS devices who actually have no idea what they do or how to get the most out of the device. We now run a dedicated GPS Training day in North Wales.

However you choose to learn, a few hours spent learning or brushing up on your navigation skills can make a huge difference to your skills, your confidence and just give you one less thing to worry about or leave to chance.

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