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This page is a home for the information we send to clients who have attended one of our public foraging courses. It contains links back to relevant blog posts, foraging videos and the best UK foraging books that we can recommend.

If you want to get in touch with us about anything to do with foraging and wild food you can do so here.

Foraging Books and Guides

A key part of our foraging courses is the idea of onward learning – there’s only so much information we can share in a course taking place in one location, and one day. There’s also a limit to just how much we can take in at one time, and anybody embarking on a journey of learning about edible wild plants will want to build up a foragers library.

The links below are for the books we refer to on the inland and coastal foraging courses we run every year, and represent a good spread of wild flower and plant identification guides, books dedicated to the subject of foraging and some further reading related to the subject.

Each link opens on the relevant Amazon shopping page.

Identification Keys and Guides

Foraging Books

    1. Hedgerow (River Cottage Handbook – Wright)
    2. Edible Seashore (River Cottage Handbook – Wright)
    3. The Forager’s Calendar (Wright)
    4. Sea Fishing (River Cottage Handbook – Fisher)
    5. Food For Free (Mabey)
    6. Collins Gem Food For Free (Mabey)
    7. Foraging: The Essential Guide to Free Wild Food (Lewis-Stempel)
    8. Wild Food: A Complete Guide for Foragers (Philips)
    9. A Cook on the Wild Side (Fearnley-Whittingstall)
    10. Wild Food (Hillman and Mears)

Mushroom Foraging Books

  1. Complete Guide To British Mushrooms and Toadstools (Sterry and Hughes)
  2. Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe (Garnweidner)
  3. Mushrooms (Philips)
  4. Mushrooms (River Cottage Handbook – Wright)

Related Books

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Foraging and Wild Food Blog Posts

Selected posts from our blog related to foraging and wild food, including blogs on foraging law, safety and opinion pieces from Richard Prideaux.

The Wild Food Directory

The Wild Food Directory is a dedicated page we are slowly constructing with the aim of providing a free online foraging resource for anybody who needs it.

It is under construction, and we are slowly adding to it as we find time.