New Foraging Course Dates for 2019!

New dates for our Foraging and Wild Foods course plus brand new courses in North Wales!

We have known for some time now that by far our most popular course is our Foraging and Wild Foods course – a one-day introduction to foraging in the woods, fields and byways of this corner of North Wales. 2019 looks like it’s going to be our busiest foraging year yet, with two of the 2019 course dates already fully booked and enquiries coming in thick and fast for other dates and private courses.

To cope with the demand we have added some more dates to the calendar for the Foraging and Wild Foods course. The list of course dates for 2019 is now:

    • 13th April 2019 This date now full – Please get in touch
    • 20th April 2019 NEW DATE!
    • 21st April 2019 NEW DATE!
    • 4th May 2019 This date now full – Please get in touch
    • 26th May 2019 NEW DATE!
    • 15th June 2019
    • 13th July 2019
    • 3rd August 2019
    • 7th September 2019
    • 12th October 2019

    If you have received a gift voucher for 2019 then it will be redeemable against these new dates, and if you wish to move from a date that you have already booked onto one of the new dates then please get in touch and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

New Foraging Courses from Original Outdoors

If you have been following our courses for the last 12 months or so you have probably seen us start to offer our training courses under the EST Framework – a structured training pathway designed to give those attending the courses a clear route for developing their personal and professional outdoor skills. We have been running these course for ‘professional’ users through our partner brand and now we are offering them to a wider public audience.

For foragers we have the Level 1, 2 and 3 (assessed) courses for inland and coastal foraging. There are a few audiences for these courses:

  • Outdoor instructors and other outdoor professionals
  • Teachers and educators
  • Chefs and food professionals wanting to work with wild food
  • Group leaders and coaches who want to integrate wild food education into their sessions
  • Parents who want to give their children an education in wild food themselves
  • Individuals that want to develop a deep understanding of the wild food available in the UK, and how to use it

This is the closest we can get to offering a foraging instructor course without delving into the depths of group leadership, duties of care and emergency techniques that come with leading any group in the great outdoors. These courses focus on the skills of finding edible wild plants, fungi and other items of wild food in the UK landscape AND on how to share these skills with other people in a sustainable, ethical and structured way.
These courses are certificated under the EST Framework and can be used in conjunction with other NGB outdoor training schemes.

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