Search Tracking Technician Course (L1)

SAR-specific mantracking training course as part of a structured training programme.

Course Content

The Search Tracking Technician (L1) Course from Original Outdoors provides training in SAR tracking techniques, working within the wider SAR framework and working alongside other agencies. The content is based upon techniques employed by UK Mountain and Lowland SAR teams, and is appropriate for teams and organisations operating overseas.

Subjects covered in classroom and exercise sessions:

  • Identification and interpretation of tracks, signs of passage and other evidence
  • Acquisition, extrapolation and re-acquisition of track in different conditions
  • Working as a tracking team on the ground
  • Tracking at night and in poor weather
  • Vehicle track and sign interpretation
  • Age interpretation of track and sign
  • Basic missing person behaviour
  • Working within a wider SAR operation and alongside other agencies
  • Personal safety and integration with other SAR skills
  • Actions on casualty or object being found
  • Basic comms procedures
  • Position Formats, Latitude/Longitude and working with mapping (digital and paper)
  • Awareness of hypothermia, hyperthermia and prevention of heat and cold injuries
  • Use of PPE for protection against weather and temperature hazards
  • Emergency procedures for lost equipment and missing personnel
  • Working with Normal Operation Plans and Emergency Action Plans
  • Awareness of working near water and falls from height

This Search Tracking Technician training course is delivered by experienced and qualified instructors with military, emergency services or expedition leadership backgrounds.

Course Cost

Please contact us for an immediate quote for delivery of this course anywhere in the UK.

This course can also be delivered in Europe and beyond.

Course Delivery

The Search Tracking Technician (L1) Course is delivered as a three-day course for standalone training, or can be combined with other training as a bespoke course.
The course involves a combination of classroom and field training and can be delivered on-site if required.
The course can be delivered at a maximum 1:15 ratio.

Course Dates and Bookings

This course is most often run directly for a client, either on site or at our locations in North Wales. As a standalone course it takes three days to complete.
Please contact us for more information.

EST Course Classification

Training Level: Level One
Terrain Level: T5 (Mountainous and moorland terrain above 600m ASL, forested and densely vegetated areas above 300m ASL OR T3-T4 terrain more than 1.5 km from point of normal vehicle access)
Training Streams: Search Operations

Previous Clients

Search and rescue teams, security professionals, Urban SAR, emergency services.

Course Prerequisites

This is a Level 1 EST Framework course where no previous subject experience is required.

A good level of general fitness is preferred due to the moderately active nature of parts of the course (walking with rucksack, crossing rough terrain etc)

Equipment Required

For private and bespoke courses we can work with your existing PPE (with a required minimum level of protection for the environment we will be training in). We can also provide external evaluation of your existing PPE, and make recommendations if you request it.

For public courses there is a required minimum equipment list on the course page.

search operations tracking technician course
search operations tracking technician course
search operations tracking technician course

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course certificated?

Yes, all successful course participants will receive printed and PDF certificates from their attendance of the course.

Can the course be tailored for a specific application?

We can tailor the course content to suit a specific application or client requirement. Please contact us with what you need.

Do you run open courses for the public?

We do periodically run open courses for individuals to attend. Please contact us for information on cost and dates.

This course is part of the Environmental Survival Training (EST) Framework from Original Outdoors. We are part of the Wilderness Skills Association.

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