Tracking Courses

Tracking Courses in North Wales

UK Beginner to Advanced tracking courses and training, including wildlife, SAR and mantracking techniques

How do you learn how to track?

tracking courses ukThe ability to ‘read’ a landscape is something that has been crucial to our evolution – without those skills, we wouldn’t be where we are. But in an age of Google maps, smartphones and drones are there still reasons to learn how to follow the clues and signs that another creature leaves behind? Can you really follow somebody or something just by a few bent stems of grass or the depressions left in the mud?
The short answer is yes – but it is not always as easy as TV shows or Hollywood would make it out to be. Our tracking courses are built on years of working with ecologists, hunters, SAR teams, police forces and the military in a variety of environments. The techniques used for finding and understanding the signs of passage of both wildlife and humans can be similar, and the entry-level courses reflect this. As the courses become more advanced we work on specific techniques relevant to the way the client will use those skills in the field.

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