The 2018 Courses are now live!

Around this time of year I normally find myself pretty much locked in the office working out course dates and descriptions for the courses next year. We’ve found that a good number of our course participants attend our courses after receiving a gift voucher as Christmas or birthday present – so we need to make sure that we have everything online and working ready for the Christmas shopping season (it’s November – I am allowed to mention the ‘C’ word, right?).

This year is no different, but the job has been a little harder. All of our most popular courses are online with 2018 dates, including the Foraging and Wild Foods Course, the Bushcraft Basics and Woodcrafter bushcraft courses and the Natural Navigation course. You can choose specific dates or simply select a gift voucher for a unique code that can be used to choose a date later on.

The REALLY big news however is a range of new courses, including the rather interesting Year in the Outdoors and the Adventure Programme. There will be more information about both of these course programmes coming out in the coming days, but it follows on from requests from clients for more variety and longer courses – you asked and we responded!

Finally, we have extended our range of weekend courses to include a Wild Food Weekend, a Mountain Wild Camping Weekend and a Tracking Weekend. Details of these courses – including dates and prices – are now online.

A lot of work has gone into pulling these together, and we’re adding a few more and improving the information on each course page over the next few days. If you have any questions whatsoever then please get in touch! 🙂

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