Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills

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This page is a home for the information we send to clients who have attended one of our public bushcraft courses. It contains links back to relevant blog posts, bushcraft videos and the best bushcraft and wilderness skills books that we can recommend.

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Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills Books and Guides

The phrase often attached to the world of ‘bushcraft’ is that knowledge weighs nothing. Whilst that is indeed true, we also need to acknowledge that we cannot hope to instantly absorb and immediately recall any information placed in front of us, be it from a course or demonstration or just watching someone else do what they do.

The links below are for the books we refer to on some of our bushcraft courses we run every year, plus other books we can recommend and some further reading related to the subject.

Each link opens on the relevant Amazon shopping page.

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Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills Blog Posts

Selected posts from our blog related to bushcraft, campcraft and wilderness skills, including blogs on shelters, skills and opinion pieces from Richard Prideaux.

Bushcraft Videos on YouTube

We’re adding to our selection of bushcraft, campcraft and wilderness skills videos over on our Youtube Channel