Weekend Navigation Course Report – February 2016

Over the past two days I was joined by George, Chris and Barley in the hills of North-East Wales and the Clwydian Range AONB.
We started off in the dry and friendly Ponderosa Cafe on the Horseshoe Pass to cover the basics in a classroom session then dived out into 40mph winds, cloud and driving rain to put some of it into practice!

On the second day we traveled over to Moel Famau Country Park. This is one of our favourite local training venues, with easy access from all directions and a good mixture of dense forests, open moorland and wide areas between paths and trails. With strong winds and poor visibility higher up we dropped down into the forest trails first to practice map interpretation, pacing and timing skills. At midday we hit the summit of Moel Famau – not the highest hill in Wales, but with wind speeds of around 50-60mph standing up was a bit of an effort!
We stepped away from the marked trails for the next sessions, with work on compass bearings, pacing and navigation tactics for open terrain.
The day wrapped up with a series of complex navigation legs, led by each student in turn to take us back to the start of the route.
The Weekend Navigation Course is designed to give participants the confidence and skills to navigate away from marked paths and trails on any terrain in the UK. Further information about the course can be found here.

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  1. Thanks for a great course, Richard – really enjoyed it and learned a great deal.

    I will be joining you again.

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