The weather is getting warmer (finally) and we are entering the UK tick season. I was about to launch into a long blog article about ticks, the diseases and problems they can cause and how you should remove them, but it was pointed out to me that the BADA-UK website has done the job already. I urge anybody who spends time in the outdoors, particularly if you are into wild camping or sleeping outdoors then you spend 10 minutes looking through the FAQ on their site:

Borreliosis and Associated Diseases Awareness UK

Lyme Disease is something that ahs been in the U.K. for years, but in the past sufferers have had trouble getting a proper diagnosis. There are also dozens of myths about removing ticks, which range from unhelpful to downright dangerous. Here is a fine example of a myth about tick removal:

Removing ticks with vaseline

It is something we discuss on our bushcraft courses and I know of several outdoor instructors who have contracted the disease – including some rather famous names in the wilderness skills world.

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