That was a busy summer then!

With the early spring heat the whole season was moved forward by about 3 -4 weeks. The trees were in full leaf by the end of March, new shoots were maturing by June and the leaves started to turn in August. If you were relying on the seasonal changes for your calendar you would be celebrating Yule in November this year!

We ran our usual selection of bushcraft courses in 2011, including a couple of custom days for local businesses. The one that stands out for me was the day we organised for and their customers, as part of their Team DAS Events scheme. Here is a short video on what went on:

We were contacted by a local organic farm to provide a short lecture on wild foods and foraging as part of their ‘food club’. This was towards the end of August, which is normally a little early on in the foraging season but this year we were in luck! The full hedgerows and field corners meant we could provide a wide variety of examples of wild foods picked on the very morning of the lecture, and the presentation included lots of information on the gathering of wild foods, examples of what to eat and what not to, and a few recipe ideas.

Speaking of recipes, we were inspired to post a few foraging recipes on the website, which can be found HERE. We’ll keep adding them on as they are written up, feel free to copy and use them, as long as you credit us for them!

We’ll also be adding some ‘how-to’ videos to our Youtube page on firelighting, navigation techniques and a few other handy skills – watch this space!

As we move towards Winter we are preparing for 2012. We already have dates listed for our Bushcraft Taster andDiscovery courses, and they are starting to fill up already! We also offer the Woodland Living Course which is aimed at owners of private woodland, or those who have full permission over a piece of woodland, and want to learn the skills of bushcraft in their environment.

So until next time, make sure you have enough wood cut for the fire, that you have enough food to fill your stomach and enough good company to fill your heart.


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