Episode 5

Clips from our recent Tracking Course and an interview with Andy from Seren Ventures

In the fifth episode of the podcast we have some clips from our recent Basic Tracking Course and an interview with our friend Andy Jones from Seren Ventures

In this episode…

When we first started recording pieces of audio for this podcast we wanted to show a little bit about the way we teach and to give people an idea of what to expect on our courses – so we took our small MP3 recorder along during our Basic Tracking Course, where we look at the essentials of following clues and signs of the passage of animals and humans through the countryside.

We also sat down with an old friend – Andy Jones from North Wales activity company Seren Ventures to chat about what they do, and issues such as environmental damage to sensitive areas and staying safe in the hills of North Wales. We also go through Andy’s Top 5 Rucksack Items!

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Seren Ventures
Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation
Alpine Coffee Shop
Basic Tracking Course

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