Episode 4

Ramblings from two instructors on their way to teach on a survival skills course…

For the fourth episode we put a microphone on the dashboard of the truck and recorded a conversation between myself and Mike Reid whilst on our way to deliver a military survival course.

In this episode…

We didn’t have an agenda for this episode – we just started talking and followed our conversation. Unfortunately we left a phone a little bit too close to the microphone so there is occasionally some noise/interference from the phone signal, but we have tried to edit it out where we can. It doesn’t last too long when it does occur so please stick with us!
We start with a discussion about Mike’s experiences in the British Armed Forces and the survival and outdoor skills he learned there, then we moved on to discussing bivvy bags, expensive knives and learning from our own mistakes.

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Carinthia Bivvy Bags
Alpkit Hunka Bivvy Bag
Ray Hutchinson’s Decembeard
Ben and Lois Orford
The Woodcrafter Course

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