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We like to think that we run some of the finest, most innovative and inspiring outdoor courses in the U.K. – and the range we offer has just got a lot more interesting!

Introducing the new Fundamental Outdoor Skills programme. This range of courses is designed to accomplish several things:

  • Be affordable (the cheapest one-day courses we offer, and probably in the U.K.)
  • Cover the basics of a given subject in one day
  • Offer something new, even to the more experienced
  • Cover some of the basic skills a lot of our customers ask about
  • Have content delivered by instructors with real-life experience – not people who have trained to be an instructor only

We have spent the last couple of months developing this course programme, and we intend to expand the range of subjects it covers later in 2014.

The first set of courses takes place in January-February 2014 – an ideal Christmas present if you move quickly!

The course fees are generally much less than £50.00 per person, and we offer some heavy discounts for group bookings. The equipment lists are basic and we can supply equipment if needed.

  • Firelighting and Firecraft

    This day is all about one of the most important outdoor skills. The ability to reliably make fire first time, every time can mean the difference between life and death. We start with the basics of lighting fires, how to find the necessary materials and how to do it with efficiency. After lunch we focus on the various firelighting techniques you will find useful, from the simple firesteel to chemical and electrical firelighting. the day culminates in the creation of a working and reliable bowdrill set.

  • Shelter Building

    Temporary and semi-permanent shelters in the outdoors come in two types – the type you make when you arrive, and the type you bring with you. On the morning of the course we go through – and show you how to properly erect – tarps, tents, bivvies and other carried shelters. For the afternoon we cover the basic principles of building a dry and comfortable shelter from natural materials.

  • Tracking Introduction

    This is one of the subjects where we can only possibly touch on the subject. You can spend a lifetime studying the art of reading and understanding signs of passage by humans and animals – but in a day our instructors can show you the basic skills employed by Search and Rescue teams, wildlife monitors and law enforcement agencies. The course takes place in the forest and on the neighbouring beaches of Newborough forest on Anglesey.

  • Campcraft and Cordage

    There are plenty of courses out there dealing with the basics of spending a night in the woods or how to prioritise in a survival situation – but what about the less obvious skills for spending extended periods of time out there? This course is designed to share the skills of laying out a long-term camp, camp sanitation, furniture and just generally making life more comfortable with the minimum of materials. The day also covers using cord, how to make cord/rope from natural materials and how to weave basic items.

  • One-Day Navigation

    This is not meant to be a replacement for our Basic Navigation Course, but it is a good refresher for those who know the basics but are a bit rusty, or if you just need a nudge in the right direction (no pun intended!). Throughout the day we will look at map reading, using a compass to take bearings and find direction, measuring distance and basic route finding techniques.

  • First Aid Refresher

    Again, not intended as a replacement for our normal 16hr First Aid Course, but as a refresher for those who have already had some first aid training and want to refresh their skills or to apply FAAW (First Aid At Work) training to outdoor scenarios.

  • Survival and SAR Awareness

    This is a UK-first, and probably the most relevant survival course to the U.K. environment. Most survival courses deal with generic scenarios that could occur anywhere in the world – this course is based around the current working practices, training and capabilities of Search and Rescue teams in the U.K., how to ensure that you won’t need to call on them and how to help improve the situation if you do need to. We’ll run through scenarios based on real-life SAR and Mountain Rescue callouts in the U.K., teach you how to maximise your chances and maybe make the difference between triumph and disaster.

  • Equipment and Personal Admin

    Although bushcraft and wilderness skills training should be about how to do without man-made equipment if necessary, there is a lot of conversation about outdoor clothing and equipment choices. This course should maybe help you decide what your next key purchase should be – but more importantly we’ll show you how to get the most out the kit you already own, how to reduce the weight of what you carry and how to streamline your outdoor admin skills. We’ve spent many years buying the wrong thing, developing ways to speed up and tidy up what we do and how to plan for a day in the hills or a multi-week expedition – now you can get that knowledge for little effort!

You can find out more by following the links above or by going on over to the Fundamental Outdoor Skills page. Details of how to book are on each course page, including details of discounts for group bookings.

If you have any questions whatsoever please contact us.

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