No, that’s not a typo! November is now officially the Original Outdoors Navigation month. We are running courses throughout the month, as well as offering discounts on our Advanced Navigation coaching days.

The ability to navigate safely and confidently in all terrain is one of the most important outdoor and wilderness skills you can acquire. Poor navigational ability is one of the most commonly-referenced factors in UK Mountain Rescue incidents (often combined with poor equipment choice and overall planning). It is a skill that, when delivered by a good instructor, is relatively easy to pick up. If you have the basic skills already we can help you improve them and make you into a lean, accurate navigation machine with our Intermediate, Night Navigation courses and Advanced coaching. Our GPS Training course builds on existing navigation skills to show students how to get the most out of a GPS device, and use it to its full advantage.

If you want to learn to navigate using older and more intuitive techniques then we can show you the hidden clues and signs in the landscape with our Natural Navigation course.

Full List of November Navigation Courses

Basic Navigation Course – 15th/16th November

This is our entry-level navigation course. It delivers the basic skills required to understand navigating on land with a map and compass, as well as tips and tricks for safe and effective route planning.

Intermediate Navigation Course – 22nd/23rd November

If you are already confident that you can hold a map the right way up and point a compass in the right direction then this is probably the course for you. We build on existing navigation skills to help students gain confidence in navigating across rough terrain and away from paths and tracks.

Advanced Navigation Coaching – Any date

This option is for people who want to focus on one particular area of their own navigation skills, or prepare for an assessment of some kind. We have now reduced the price of a one-day coaching session for up to 4 people.

Night Navigation Course – 28th November

A short, focused session demonstrating and developing the skills for navigating in darkness or poor visibility. Some previous navigation skill is ideal for this course, but all abilities are catered for.

Natural Navigation Course – 29th November

This is a different type of navigation course – using the natural clues and signs in the landscape to reveal what lies in wait around the next corner. Even if you are a seasoned map-and-compass navigator you will learn something new here.

GPS Training Course – 30th November

Ideal for those who have carried a GPS around but haven’t found time to work out how to use it properly, or those who want to know if they will make use of a GPS before purchasing one. We go through the common features and uses of a GPS in the outdoors, and show how to avoid the mistakes that new users often make.

We will also be posting navigation skills and tips on our Facebook page throughout the month – make sure you keep an eye out for our posts!

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