Low Level Fast Jets in the Mountains

This popped into our newsfeeds this morning and it was just too good not to share!
We spend a lot of time in the mountains of Snowdonia, the Lake District and Scotland – and we are often treated to the sight of fast military jets (most often RAF Hawk T2s, but occasionally RAF Typhoons and USAF F-15s) practicing their low-flying skills in the narrow, twisting valleys of these mountainous areas. Although they are noisy, they are always fairly exciting to watch, and also give a walker or a climber a sense of the scale of the route they are following when an aircraft blasts through the valley BELOW where they are clinging to a rock or perched on a narrow path!

This video, posted and narrated by RAF pilot and instructor Tim Davies follows a flight by an RAF Hawk T2 fast jet trainer from 4Sqdn RAF Valley as it passes from the Irish Sea over the Cumbrian coast at Ulverston, then up and through the Lake District into Scotland and the Moffat Valley. The footage shows the aircraft barely scraping through the mountains at just 250ft above the ground, well below the tops of the valley walls on either side.

As well as capturing a unique perspective on these valleys and mountains the video also explains just how much calculation and concentration is required to fly safely through this terrain.

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