I’m a Celebrity – fetch me a tampon!

Who watched ‘I’m a Celebrity’ last night and the inability of one of the teams to light a fire? They tried in vain to make sparks on twigs and dry grass and even prayed, but had no success. The team resorted to looking for something in their bags to use and Rebecca Adlington OBE came up with the solution. A tampon. There was much frivolity, with Joey Essex insisting that they should use the ‘fluffy end’. They were all ecstatic when their wonderful idea resulted in flames and a much needed fire. Ant and Dec joked that campers should now consider using tampons to light their fires. Unknown to many, tampons have been an essential addition to the rucksacks of outdoor enthusiasts for years. The compacted cotton wool takes up little space and when ‘fluffed out’, yields a useful amount of cotton wool. A firesteel sparking onto the cotton wool soon creates a flame and tinder added gradually will result in a fire. Its important to be prepared before the flame is created, so that it does not go out while the firestarter looks about for twigs and logs. These should be in piles of ever increasing size and the fire fed until it can be left for longer. When the fire must be kept in for days and weeks , it can be managed and moved and cleaned in order to keep it as useful as possible. The Firelighting Courses run by Original Outdoors, teach firelighting and other basic skills which will help you survive in the forest.  Or the jungle.



It may also be  interesting to know that sanitary towels have many uses in the outdoors. In addition to being an extra source of cotton wool, they can be used as a bandage or pressed on to an open and bleeding wound.

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