As the seasons roll forwards we find ourselves bouncing from course to course, and every weekend is full with one type of event or another. That said, each and every client we meet and work with makes all of the running around and the hard work worthwhile.

For the second of our UK Foraging and Wild foods Courses of 2015 we had slightly cooler weather, but we made use of the shelter of our wooded limestone gorge to keep warm and dry and find some wild Welsh edibles.

As always, we started with a short Plant ID walk before gathering some of the finest edibles we can find and cook them up over an open fire. The menu this time included:

Filleted Trout with Wild Garlic seasoning
Trout and Wild Garlic parcels
Whole Wild Trout stuffed with Wood Sorrel, Cleavers and Garlic Mustard
Wild Rabbit, roasted in a dutch oven
Fresh Pasta with Nettle Pesto
Wild Flower salad

We also had a few micro-lectures on using foraging guidebooks, the laws around foraging , hunting and fishing in the UK and carrying knives.

Episode 8 - Living and working in the mountains of Snowdonia with Kate Worthington
Foraging Course Report, April 2015

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