The start of Spring is always linked with the beginning of the Wild Food season for me. There have, of course, been sources of sustenance available all winter if you know where to look. But as the soil temperature rises above 6degC and the hours of sunlight increase after the equinox the number of leaves and general greenery visible in the woods and hedgerows is much higher, and a true bounty for the forager.

On Saturday 4th April we were joined by a small team of novice foragers for our first Foraging and Wild Foods Course of 2015.

These courses begin with a walk along the footpaths and lanes leading to our camp in the woods, looking at the available plants, fungi and lichens that we can safely identify and eat.

After this plant ID walk, and a short stop to gather some edible leaves and roots, we climbed the hill to our camp to cook them over the fire, along with some trout and other wild edibles.

Foraging Course Report, May 2015
Episode 7 - Jonny Davies the Arctic Ultra Athlete

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