Episode 7

Interviewing Jonny Davies from Ultramedix after his successful completion of the 2015 Likeys 6633 Ultra in the Yukon

Jonny Davies has just returned from successfully completing the 350-mile ultra-marathon race in the frozen Yukon in North-Western Canada.
Jonny was competing to raise money for two charities, the Smith-Magenis Syndrome Foundation and Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital.

In this episode…

We first met Jonny during the Brutal Events Midnight Mountain Marathon in the Brecon Beacons back in 2014, and we have been keeping up with his training through Facebook – and hoping for his safe return from the frozen North!
For this race he was dragging all of his kit along behind him through the snow and ice, dodging bears and Ice Road Truckers along the way.
Jonny is an experienced outdoor athlete and paramedic, and is also the managing director of Ultramedix, providing experienced and highly-trained doctors, nurses and paramedics for outdoor events and races in the remote places of the U.K.

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Jonny Davies 6633 Facebook Page
Likeys 6633 Ultra
Smith-Magenis Syndrome Foundation
Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital

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