Coastal Foraging Course Report May 2015

As the years have passed here at Original Outdoors we always try to offer new things, new courses and and new experiences.
We have been running Coastal Foraging trips and tuition for chefs for a number of years, but in 2015 we decided to open these up to the general public with our Coastal Foraging Walks.

The first took place on Sunday along the coast near Porthmadog, taking in the different sections of beach, rocky shore, dune, field and urban zones that can all be found within a few miles.

After a short walk along a quiet track hunting for edible coastal plants like Garlic Mustard, Cleavers, Nettles and Dock Leaves we dropped down on to the sheltered cove and harbour of Borth y Gest. From here we could look at more specifically coastal plants like Sandwort, Sea Beet and a few others.

Next up was protein, and a short coaching session on using fishing rods, reels and pole spears. Then a spot of rockpool exploration, and some tips on staying safe and comfortable whilst coastal foraging.

With the tide beginning to retreat we waded gently into the water and gathered some seaweed and periwinkles to identify and to try, and started to look through guidebooks and ID sheets.

We finished with a walk back from beach to harbour, trying to positively ID as many types of crustacean, mollusc, fish, seaweed, lichen and plant as we could!

The next Original Outdoors Coastal Foraging Course dates can be found here.

Bushcraft Basics Course Report, May 2015
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  1. It was a blustery, overcast day to be foraging along the coast but after two minutes the weather was inconsequential. The walk to the beach was used to identify several inland plants, lichens and mosses. Richard made the beaches, rock pools and sea come alive with his knowledge of the flora and fauna. The course was informative, very interesting and most of all fun. If you get the chance sign up. The after course information points in the right direction for further reading. Definitely 5 stars.

  2. A great day out walking from the harbour, over the headland, to the beach. Identifying and sampling edible plants and flowers along the way. A fun and informative session on fishing followed before a cold dip in the sea to gather seaweed to cook up. After a lesson on guidebook techniques we returned back to the harbour identifying as much as we could.

    Overall a Richard organised a really fun and interesting day, providing thorough follow ups and links for foraging books. I would definitely recommend this foraging walk to anyone.

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