Bushcraft Basics Course Report, May 2015

We tend to work quite often same areas, and know them all very well indeed. However, given the nature of, well, nature itself, the familiar paths and trails we come to take for granted can all of a sudden change or alter. For this Bushcraft Basics Course we were met early on by a couple of trees that had come down in the wind and storms, helped along by the increased weight of Spring growth and changes in soil consistency. They were blocking the path – which gave me a great opportunity to talk, a little earlier than first planned, about the safe use of saws, axes and the physics involved in dealing with fallen, bent and loaded trees.

From here the course fell into the usual rhythm, talking first about fire and firelighting before moving on to choosing and maintaining cutting tools and other equipment and making pot hangers. After a quick lunch (including a rabbit roasted in a dutch oven in the embers of the main fire) we looked at some shelter options – from emergency to planned, short and long term.

The course finished with looking at some primitive firelighting techniques and a few other areas.

The dates for the next Original Outdoors Bushcraft Basics Course can be found here.

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Coastal Foraging Course Report May 2015

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