Basic Navigation Course Report

This weekend we ran another Basic Navigation course up here in North Wales, honing the nav skills of a few more outdoor folk.
These courses are aimed at beginners or complete novices and we start with the very basics of navigating with a map and compass, but we do occasionally get people who have already had some training but want to ensure they are getting quality instruction from the very start so come to us to start again.

Our course this weekend started at the Ponderosa Cafe, high on the Horseshoe Pass north of Llangollen. This is a great venue to meet and talk through some ‘classroom’ sessions, before heading outside to climb up on to the hills to the east to look at putting some of the basics into practice. Everything from grid references and map interpretation to pacing, timing and navigation strategies were covered, ready for the next session tomorrow.

On the second day we went over to Moel Famau and did a longer walk, taking in the lower forest tracks and working on following the map before climbing on to the summit to practise bearings, navigation strategies such as aiming-off, handrailing and attack points. We took it in turns to lead the group throughout the day, including a VERY steep climb up the eastern path!

These Basic Navigation courses are not just for mountaineers and hillwalkers, ANYBODY who spends time away from marked routes and paths would benefit from attending, and we have just released our 2015 navigation course dates.

Intermediate Navigation Course - November 2014 Course Report
No.3 - Mosedale Bothy
  1. Hello

    I am after some info on teaching navigation , I am a qualified navigation /map reading instructor and looking for some teaching time to keep my self current.

    If you have any information on who to spark to or courses needing instructor would a great start for myself


    J Meehan

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