6 UK Bushcraft Podcasts

noun: podcast; plural noun: podcasts

a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

Podcasts are great. I love them because they are a way of learning something whilst doing another task, like running or driving. A podcast can ‘live’ on my phone or iPod and if I find myself with 30 minutes or so spare I can press the screen a few times and listen in to a pre-recorded show about a subject I care about. It also allows me to link in with somebody who would never have the chance to share their story with me through radio or television – podcasting is relatively inexpensive and it is on-demand; I can choose when and where I will listen.

Most English-language ‘outdoor’ podcasts originate in the United States, but in the last few years a few UK-based shows have started. Here are the 6 that I think you should take a chance on if you are interested in UK-specific Wilderness Skills, Bushcraft and Survival:

The Urban Bushcraft Podcast

Ray Hutchinson and Mark Yates are an entertaining duo from London who produce a regular show all about bushcraft as most people in the UK practice it – at home and with short trips into the outdoors. They are both involved in scouting and between them have a hefty pile of experience in enjoying themselves in the great outdoors. They have a great conversational style and their shows feature interviews with some of the biggest names in the UK bushcraft world.

The Paul Kirtley Podcast

Paul Kirtley is rapidly becoming one of the most well-known UK wilderness skills experts, and is one of the few UK skills providers I will occasionally refer clients to if they can’t make it onto one of our courses. His podcast has just launched the first episode, but I suspect that I will find myself subscribing to it very soon.

The Original Outdoors Podcast

Of course I have to mention our own podcast, which although strictly not a ‘bushcraft’ podcast as we cover all outdoor skills we do cover topics and interview people which any practitioner of wilderness skills will find useful.

The Outdoors Station

This is the most established podcast on this list, and one I have been listening to for several years now. Again, not strictly a bushcraft podcast it focuses on lightweight backpacking, wild camping and travel. The host is Bob Cartwright from BackpackingLight.co.uk who specialise in lightweight backpacking equipment. If you carry your home on your back occasionally you will find something here that you will enjoy.

The Sumo Sy Podcast

Another podcast from a UK bushcraft school, this podcast describes itself as being for “the larger fella on a budget”. Brothers Sean and Sy Makin produce this regular show focusing on clothing and equipment as well as the wider world of UK bushcraft.

Big Man in the Woods

Somehow Mark Yates of the Urban Bushcraft Podcast has made it onto this list twice! His new show is more focused on reviews and interviews, and is well worth adding to your ‘subscribe’ list on iTunes.

I suspect we are going to see more outdoor and bushcraft-related podcasts coming to the UK, as our way of spending time outdoors differs from the US. We tend to focus less on firearms and hunting, although there is a strong tradition of fieldsports in the UK outdoors. We also have less space as our population density is MUCH higher, and we have access issues that are specific to the UK. Our climate is also different, with much wetter weather and variable temperature so our equipment has to function differently so there is a lot to talk about there.

Podcasting gives outdoor providers a freedom of expression and an audience they wouldn’t usually have. It requires some technical knowledge and to attain a good standard of production you need to invest in equipment and software, but it is still more likely than bagging your own radio show.

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