What’s with all of the air gun videos recently?

What’s with all of the gun videos? Is Original Outdoors a gun channel now?

Well… No. But for the UK it’s closely related to one of the subjects that we ourselves are closely associated with – foraging and wild food.

Due to a number of UK laws the most accessible, legal and ethical source of wild meat for the keen forager is probably via a sub-12ft/lb air rifle. It’s potentially a huge subject with a lot to explore, and to be perfectly honest there is a lot of very poor information online.

We are pulling together a series of videos running through the basics of buying, owning and using an air gun in the U.K. which we can refer our customers to in the future – but rest assured we’ll also be creating more mountain, survival, bushcraft and other wilderness skills content in the coming weeks.

This video explains a little more about why we’re making this series, and what to expect in the future.

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Why is foraging still so popular in the U.K?

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