Visiting Fortis Clothing

Last month I was down in Cornwall and Devon doing some promotional work and foraging around on the beaches of the south coast – and I couldn’t resist diverting to Axminster on the way home to drop in on Fortis Clothing, a family-owned and British-made outdoor clothing and equipment brand. I’ve used their kit (under their old brand, Country Covers) for a couple of years and I kept promising to come and visit their home base. On the phone the directions couldn’t be clearer – “we’re almost across the road from River Cottage HQ and there is huge carved bear outside the gate”.
Right. Can’t miss it then…
I met Oliver Massy-Birch who gave up some of his time to go through the range, show us around their factory and go into detail about the history of the company, the Fortis brand and who their customers are.

I went there just to visit and make a couple of short films, but in the end I couldn’t resist and parted with cash for one of their waterproof S.A.S. smocks – look out for the review in the coming weeks. Most people who know me know that the last thing I need is more kit, but the Fortis quality and design standards impressed me, especially after speaking to their designer and realising the research and development behind this gear. Seeing the showroom and factory in their old family sheep barn reminded me a lot of our own roots in a family business, and in a few minutes I could meet everybody involved in the process of designing, building and marketing this equipment which is now used around the globe.

You can only buy their kit through their website, at their showroom and at one of the many country shows and fairs they visit throughout the year. It’s well worth seeking them out to decide for yourself if their kit is up to scratch – but based on a few weeks of use of this new smock in the woods and on the mountains I think you’ll be satisfied.

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