VIDEO: How to set up a tarp in the woods

Simple rigging for a DD Hammocks tarp

In a two part video I share how I set up my DD Hammocks 3m x 3m tarpaulin for wild camping and general camp use. It’s a quick, simple and versatile system that I use almost eveyr time I set this tarp up between two trees.

In Part 1 I run through the setup and packing away of the tarp in one go:

In Part 2 I go into more detail for each of the knots required to replicate this system, plus a few other tips on setting it up:

Equipment Used:

The equipment featured in this video includes:

DD Hammocks 3m x 3m Tarp

A basic but tough and functional tarp, perfect for woodland camping setups and general bushcraft use. I have one that has lasted for 6 years of regular use and abuse, and is still going strong.

Maillon Rapide fastener

Essentially an adjustable chain link, this rigging item is a reliable and secure way of hanging the tarp from the ridgeline.

Climbing Accessory Cord

The main ridgeline used, stronger than paracord and easier to work with when wet and/or wearing gloves. I use 5mm for the main ridgeline, and 2mm for the prussic loops.

Tent Pegs

Not the same ones as in the video, but nearly identical. These angular tent pegs are easier to place and seem to hold better in stony ground and are a good upgrade from the ones included in the DD Hammocks kit.

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