Track and Sign Awareness with North Wales Police

A training and skill-sharing session with the NWP Rural Crime Team

A few months ago I was joined by police officers from the North Wales Police Rural Crime Team for a session on track and sign awareness and to discuss techniques and strategies for using tracking in their work in the countryside of North Wales.
I’ve worked with other police forces as a trainer and have run tracking courses for SAR teams and other professional users and it was a pleasure to pass on some techniques they will find useful in their work in the farming and rural community of North Wales – and also to learn a little more about how this team works.
Learning how to interpret the signs left by human activity is like learning a language – you can quite quickly pick up the basics and understand key words and phrases but it takes time to fully understand everything that is being communicated to the reader. Even a short session with an experienced tracker can start to show new things in familiar ground.
We also had the opportunity to discuss subjects such as foraging and wild food, ecology and even the equipment used by outdoor enthusiasts and how a rucksack with an ice-axe or bow saw strapped to the side might appear to an unsuspecting member of the public.

We run a one-day tracking introduction course for the general public:

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