The Bushcraft Points System

Making sure you don’t fall foul of the internet police

In this video, Kevin Field joins me for a brief explanation of what the internet Bushcraft Points System is, and how you can make sure that you maximise your points and avoid the Internet Bushcraft Police.

Hopefully it becomes clear by the midpoint of the video what we’re getting at here, but if not:

What you do in the outdoors and how you do it shouldn’t be defined by the latest trends on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook groups. As long as what you are doing is safe, legal and ethical and doesn’t harm or obstruct anybody else then it is absolutely fine.
Your value and worth is not defined by the price tags on the gear you buy, or by how much you have. It is defined by how you treat others, how much fun you have and the memories you make. If that is in your back garden then great. If it’s on top of a remote summit, that’s also great.
Nobody is handing out points for what you do and what equipment you use. It might seem like that when you browse through dozens of posts about expensive equipment and photos taken in amazing places – especially when the comments start rolling in with negativity and conflict.

You’re awesome. You. Be awesome in your way – just don’t bring anybody else down.

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