REVIEW: Mountain Equipment Firefly Sleeping Bag

A lightweight 2-3 season down sleeping bag from Mountain Equipment reviewed for

I reviewed the 2019 Mountain Equipment Firefly down sleeping bag for UK outdoor news and discussion site It’s small, light and cleverly designed – but is it warm enough for a Welsh spring?

From the review:

The next thing any good mountain sleeping bag needs to do is fit. In the drive to cut weight and reduce packed size a lot of manufacturers have developed a habit of making techy equipment only fit for those with hips and shoulders narrower than the result of that referendum we had a few years ago. As anyone who has met me or read any of my other reviews will know, I do not fit the Racing Snake profile. I am 6’2″ and with a chest circumference a full 12″ more than that of my waist. I am an odd shape, and I fully expected to have problems with this bag. However, it seems Mountain Equipment have really done something nifty here: I can get into it and zip everything up AND still wriggle around inside.

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