Episode 1

Introducing our new podcast

After nearly a year of interviewing, researching and trying to find time to get behind the computer and sort out the techie stuff we have finally managed to launch our long-promised podcast!

This whole podcasting thing is relatively new to us, but we think we have got something unique and worthy of further investigation – even if it doesn’t sound quite as polished as it could do!

We have wanted to do this podcast for a while now – we have the privilege of meeting so many interesting groups and individuals who live and work in the outdoors that have some amazing stories to tell and we wanted to bring that to a wider audience. We are still finding our feet with the content, but we have been recording interviews with some fascinating characters who live and work in the outdoors and we will share them with you in the coming months.

In this episode…

For our very first episode we have tried to keep things simple, with a short interview from award-winning landscape photographer Nick Livesey and a short piece on our new Outdoor Library project.

Contact Information

Here are the contact details for the various people and places we talk about in the podcast:

Nick Livesey Mountain Images
Soul of Snowdonia Gallery
Moel Siabod Cafe
Our Navigation Courses
The Outdoor Library

How to listen

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Episode 2 - Talking to the North Wales Bushcrafters
Navigation for Ultramarathons

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