MindShift Gear Rotation 180

Innovative gear bag for outdoor photographers

At the Outdoor Trade Show at Stoneleigh Park earlier this year we stopped and had a good look at the photographer bags and accessories that Snapperstuff.com had on offer. Helen from Snapperstuff was kind enough to give us some time to go through the range, and one thing that really stood out was the range of bags from MindShift Gear – particularly the MindShift Gear Rotation 180 series of bags. They are outdoor adventure rucksacks that conceal a top-loader DSLR waist pack.

I’ve used Nikon DSLRs for over a decade and finding a way to carry them which protects them but keeps them accessible has always been a problem. My current solution is either a bulky shoulderbag under my rucksack straps, or a drybag clipped to the rucksack straps – could this be the equipment solution I’ve been looking for?

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