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New Year, New You. Or something.

In this, the first proper week of January (let’s face it, the bit before everyone goes back to work doesn’t count) we are all bombarded by messages trying to flog us gym memberships, holidays to far-flung corners of the earth or just a thing to wear on your wrist that tells you if you’re tired yet. It’s a familiar pattern – excess all of the way up to Christmas and then being shamed for buying (and consuming) everything that you were encouraged to purchase in the last month.
It’s also a transient and fleeting process – most people will give up on their New Year’s resolutions before the end of January. Fitness/cycling app Strava has predicted that 19th January will be the 2020 “Quitter’s Day”. Gym memberships rocket in early January but a lot of those people will have abandoned it in favour of other diversions before the start of spring.

So does that mean that it’s all completely pointless? That any chance of improving yourself is defeated at first contact with the real world? No, of course not. This would be a bleak blog post if it was. I’m going to try and sell you something – but not just for the sake of it. Read on…

mountain professional navigation

A navigation course in the mountains of Snowdonia. It’s not always raining here.

It’s about skills, not resolutions

Original Outdoors is primarily a skills-training company. We train all sorts of people to do all sorts of things, although occasionally we drift off and do odd things (like trying hard to NEARLY kill James Blunt, but not quite) and we have been teaching people how to do interesting stuff for over 15 years. We know a thing or two about learning new things.

Part of the reason people give up on their resolutions is because they don’t have a plan. Or they DO have a plan, but that plan is simply “DO STUFF!”. Making a decision to do something is relatively easy – working out a way to make that turn into a reality is slightly harder. But there is a sneaky way to bypass all of that angst and self-defeat – get somebody else to do it for you!

If you sign up for a training course – either as a beginner who has no idea what to do first, or as an improver who wants to develop their existing skills – then you will be able to piggyback onto a structure and system that has been tried and tested. You are sent a kit list, a plan of where to go and when and even what to do in preparation for the course. It’s all laid out for you – and pretty much everything taught in the courses listed below can be developed into an ongoing skill set or even a hobby in it’s own right.

Listed below are beginner, improver and advanced courses in our most popular subjects – but you can see the full list of our 2020 courses on this page.

survival training wales uk

It’s amazing how many of our courses involve a camp fire!

Foraging and Wild Food Courses

Our foraging and wild food courses are by far our most popular public courses, with courses for all experience levels throughout the year on the hills, fields and beaches of North wales and Snowdonia National Park.

foraging course uk

Foraging and Wild Foods Course

A walk through woodland, fields and along riverbanks in North East Wales with an experienced professional forager hunting for the best edible plants, fruits and fungi of the season.

coastal foraging course

Coastal Foraging Walk

Short coastal foraging walk along a rocky shore and sandy beach on the edge of Snowdonia National Park

foraging instructor course

L1 Inland Foraging Basics

The first level in our certificated foraging training courses, focusing on the basics of foraging and procuring wild food inland.

coastal foraging course wales

L1 Coastal Foraging Basics

The equivalent of the L1 Inland FOraging Basics course – a certificated coastal foraging training course for those who want to take their wild food a little more seriously.

L2 Inland Foraging Practitioner Course

A three day immersive wild food and foraging experience – one of our certificated and structured foraging training courses for those who want to take their wild food seriously.

Navigation Courses

Certificated navigation training from expert instructors with decades of experience navigating in wild and remote areas. Courses for all experience levels.

basic navigation course

Basic Navigation Course

The first step on our structured navigation training courses, covering the basics of map and compass use and navigation techniques.

uk mountain navigation course

Mountain Navigation Course

A more advanced navigation course for more complex terrain. Another certificated navigation course for slightly more experienced participants.

contour masterclass snowdonia

Contour Map Workshop

A unique navigation training workshop that uses maps that ONLY show the contour lines. A useful navigation workshop for all experience levels.

Natural navigation course

L1 Natural Navigation Course

A certificated navigation course that teaches you to navigate by natural clues and signs, not by map and compass. Suitable for all experience levels.

Bushcraft And Survival Courses

The essential skills of living in the wilds or surviving an outdoor emergency. All courses led by experienced instructors from a range of backgrounds from military to SAR.

basic bushcraft course uk

Bushcraft Basics Course

A one-day bushcraft introduction course in private woodland in North Wales with an experienced instructor.

survival course uk north wales

Survival Basics Course

A one day introductory survival training course that covers the essentials of the survival mindset for all outdoor activities.

Gift Vouchers Available for all of our 2020 Courses

We offer gift vouchers that can be redeemed against all of our listed 2020 courses, purchased either for a specific date or as an open voucher that can be redeemed for a specific date period. Please see each course page for specific details, or Contact Us for further information.

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