Episode 3

Using military equipment and clothing in the outdoors

In the third episode of the Original Outdoors Podcast we speak to Rich Brady from North Wales family business Denbigh Army Surplus about the use of military surplus and camouflage clothing in an outdoor context.

In this episode…

We start by asking Rich why people choose to use military surplus clothing and equipment for outdoor activities, and why it is sometimes the best option. We also talk about the other side of things, with the times and places that military clothing might NOT be the right choice to make.

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  1. Really enjoyed this episode of the podcast.

    Surplus kit has always been a core of my outdoors gear due to it being good value for money and it’s overall toughness.

    I tend to dye or cover camouflage equipment if possible just to avoid the stigma that wearing DPM sometimes carries with it. We have found recently that UK bushcrafters are being confused with the more militant type preppers and are being subjected to ridicule as a result (thanks to the discovery channel and the like).

    It was good to hear what your thoughts are surrounding it’s use and I will be checking out the Denbigh Store very soon.

    Looking forward to the next episode.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with all of the above – we use a lot of surplus kit for our courses because of the toughness and muted colours. We just try and stay away from DPM where possible.

      I’ll give you guys a bell next time I’m on your side of the border!

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