Coronavirus COVID-19: Our Statement and Advice to Clients

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Hello all customers of Original Outdoors – both current and future.

This page is where we are posting our latest updates with regard to the COVID-19 lockdown, social distancing and alterations to our 2020 calendar of events and courses.
We had previously (earlier in March) taken the stance that we could still run our outdoor training courses as:

The vast majority of our courses take place outdoors rather than in confined spaces, normally in groups of less than 10 people and with minimal contact between clients and instructors. As such we consider ourselves to be a low-risk business in terms of cross – infection. Where we have additional instructors working on a course or event we are conducting a risk assessment to ensure that they are fit and safe to work.

Quite obviously – that is currently not the case. As much as I would like it to be – attending a foraging or navigation course is not “essential work” either for me or for our clients, and during the three weeks of lockdown that began on Tuesday morning we will be unable to run any courses.

At the time of writing we have no idea how long this unprecedented restriction on movement and activity will be in place, and cannot give a firm answer on what disruption there will be to our calendar of courses.

What I can say for certain is:

  • We will continue to closely monitor the advice of the UK Government and act accordingly
  • We will pick up with our 2020 course calendar just as soon as we think we are able to
  • We will add extra dates for our popular courses and any that have been disrupted by the COVID-19 lockdown (and relax some rules on gift voucher redemption – please contact us for more information)

If the situation above changes then we will update this page – we will work hard to make sure that we can get back on track with our advertised courses as soon as we feel that we safely can, and will work with each of our clients to be as accommodating as possible to individual circumstances.


Richard Prideaux
Lead Instructor/Partner
Original Outdoors

Our February Outdoor Skills Courses in North Wales

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