Basic Navigation Course (L1)

Basic Navigation Course (L1)

£95.00 per person

The Basic Navigation Course from Original Outdoors is designed to give you confidence in your own abilities to plan and follow a route along paths and trails anywhere in the U.K.

19th-20th October 2019 – 3 PLACES AVAILABLE
29th February – 1st March 2020
6th-7th June 2020
17th-18th October 2020

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Basic Navigation Course

Two-Day Basic Navigation courses held in North Wales

£95.00 per person

Navigation is one of the most important survival skills for the U.K. Knowing how to find your way safely through our landscape can mean the difference between getting home safely and a cold night on the mountain (or worse). It’s not just about carrying a map and compass at all times – it’s about knowing how to use them, how to plan a route and what to do when things go wrong. The aim of this course is to get you to the point where you can plan and walk a route anywhere in the UK following footpaths and linear features.

This course covers the basics of navigation and is suitable for complete novices, and is also suitable for a refresher for somebody who has previously been on a course. The course is led by an experienced instructor from a mountain rescue background and is run in a relaxed, structured way.
We have been running this course for several years with clients from every background. The majority of students on this course are hikers and hillwalkers, but the content is also suitable for mountain bikers, runners, bushcrafters and paddlers.

Please see below for full course content.

This course is also listed as the Level One Basic Land Navigation course – part of a series of structured navigation training courses under the EST Framework. It follows the same syllabus and structure.

The course takes place in the hills of the Clwydian Range AONB, near the market towns of Ruthin and Mold. The course runs 10:00am-5:00pm on the first day and 9:00am-3:00pm on the second day.

Course Content

  • Commonly available mapping types and scales in UK and Europe
  • Latitude and longitude, BNG, grid references and position formats
  • Map symbol and contour interpretation
  • Compass use and taking bearings
  • Measuring distance via timing, pacing and other methods
  • Navigating away from paths and linear features
  • Strategies for navigating in poor visibility
  • Planning safe routes
  • Preparing for emergency situations

2019 Course Dates

6th-7th April 2019
19th-20th October 2019

2020 Course Dates

29th February – 1st March 2020
6th-7th June 2020
17th-18th October 2020

Course Timings – Day One

Usual start time: 10:00 am
Usual finish time: 4:00 pm

The first day of the course starts in a cafe (and the immediate area), running through the basics of map reading and route planning. After lunch we head onto the slopes of a neighbouring hill, immediately putting into practice the skills we have just discussed. We will also run through the basics of pacing, timing and walking on a bearing.
You can either bring a packed lunch, or buy lunch at the cafe.

Course Timings – Day Two

Usual start time: 9:00 am
Usual finish time: 4:00 pm

For the second day we meet underneath Moel Famau, the principle summit in the Clwydian Range. After a short refresher of the skills learnt the day before we will plan and then walk a circular route to the summit of Moel Famau and back, with each student sharing their part of the navigation for the group.
After we return to the base we will review the weekend and work out how you can keep developing the skills at home.
You will need to bring a lunch for this day.

The course takes place in the hills of the Clwydian Range AONB, near the market towns of Ruthin and Mold. The course runs 10:00am-4:00pm on the first day and 9:00am-3:00/4:00pm on the second day.

The maps below show the approximate locations for Day 1 and Day 2 of the L1 Basic Navigation Course, but these can be subject to change due to weather or other factors – but the approximate areas will remain the same.

If you are looking to book accommodation for this course then we recommend that you base yourselves in the Ruthin or Mold areas.

Day One

Day Two

richard prideaux review uk

Richard Prideaux

The primary instructor for this course is Richard Prideaux, the lead instructor for Original Outdoors.

Richard has spent the majority of his adult life working in the great outdoors. He specialises in wilderness skills, foraging and teaching search operations to our professional clients at our sister site, where you can read more about him and his experience.

Amongst other things he is a qualified mountain leader, spent several years as an active member of one of the North Wales mountain rescue teams and regularly appears on screen and in print talking about foraging, bushcraft and survival and other essential outdoor skills.

Richard lives near Ruthin in North Wales.

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Do I need to bring any equipment?

There is a minimum equipment list but it is what you would expect for an outdoor training course. IF you already have a compass we recommend that you bring it along, but we can supply one if you need one. We will also supply maps and information sheets.

Can I bring a dog?

Yes – but it will have to be on a lead at all times and be well behaved. You are responsible for your own dog at all times.

How fit do I need to be?

You need to be fit enough for a 5-hr walk on the second day of the course, and for around 3-400m of ascent throughout either day. The pace is slow though, and the focus is on learning and skills not speed. If you have any questions about fitness then please get in touch.

Can I purchase a gift voucher for this course?

Yes, you can purchase a gift voucher for somebody else by selecting the relevant option from the dropdown menu above. We can also create a custom PDF voucher that you can print off and give to the course recipient.
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Private Navigation Courses

Any of our public courses can be booked as a private event, or we can create a day or event to meet your specific requirements.

Please get in touch directly, or take a look at the popular private courses below.

The Basic Land Navigation Course – a Level 1 EST Framework Course

The Basic Land Navigation course is a Level 1 Course on the EST Framework. This means that participants in this course can continue onwards in a progression of structured courses using the skills learned on this course – if they wish.

There is no requirement for any previous experience or training before attending this course however, and it can be undertaken purely as a standalone course.

The Environmental Survival Training (EST) Framework

The Environmental Survival Training (EST) Framework is a structured survival and outdoor safety training programme for individuals, groups, businesses and other organisations.

Origins of the Framework

Over the past decade Original Outdoors has worked with dozens of training partners to provide realistic subject and terrain-specific outdoor safety training. Throughout that time we had requests for the same key subjects again and again – navigation, use of outdoor PPE, emergency planning, survival techniques and logistics.
In 2017 we created the Environmental Survival Training (EST) Framework after consulting with other outdoor professionals, educators and experts in outdoor safety training. From 2018 onwards the Environmental Survival Training Framework is offered to the general public as well as our existing clients.

Training Progression

The EST Framework is designed to allow candidates to complete standalone training sessions, or progress through a training pathway to become an advanced instructor in that subject.

Each of the courses are held within a training stream – navigation, survival, campcraft, wild food, search operations, work and industry. Each of those streams has courses at different training levels from Level One to Level Three, and then clearly defined training and assessment courses for becoming an EST instructor within that stream.

Training Delivery

All Environmental Survival Training (EST) Framework courses are delivered by experienced outdoor professionals with backgrounds from the emergency services, SAR, expedition leadership or military service. Although the training is often delivered in a friendly and approachable manner there is always the underlying ethos that our training must be:

    • Appropriate
    • Realistic
    • Honest
    • Relevant

    Our clients work in genuinely hazardous environments, and our training delivery has to match that. We choose our training venues, materials and partners carefully to ensure that we maintain a high quality of realistic, relevant and authentic survival and outdoor safety training.

EST Training Classification System

Original Outdoors created the Environmental Survival Training (EST) Training Classification System to categorise our own training courses, and provide a comparative system for other similar training schemes that sit alongside the EST Framework (Mountain Training, Rescue 3 etc).

Levels One, Two and Three are end-user awards within a particular training stream. Levels Four to Seven are instructor awards within that training stream.

EST L11Entry-level training course where no previous subject training is required.
EST L22Intermediate – level training course where previous subject training has occurred.None
EST L33Advanced-level training course where significant previous subject training has occurred.Assessment
EST L44Training for delivery of L1-L2 courses within the EST Framework.Assessment + Logbook
EST L55Training for delivery of L1 -L3 courses within the EST Framework. Assessment + Logbook
EST L5A5 (L3 Assessor)Bolt-on training for independent assessment of L3 courses. Assessment + Logbook
EST L66Training for delivery and assessment of L1-L4 courses. Assessment + Logbook + Observation
EST L6A6 (L5 Assessor)Bolt-on for assessment of L5A courses.Assessment + Logbook + Observation
EST L77Assessment of Level 6 + 6A candidates.Assessment + Logbook + Observation

Who are we?

Original Outdoors is an established outdoor activity and training provider in North Wales.
We are passionate about the outdoors and share this through our training courses, activity days activity days and outdoor services.

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