Contour Mapping Workshop

Contour Mapping Workshop

£45.00 per person

The Contour Mapping Workshop from Original Outdoors uses unique contour-only scale maps to deliver focused navigation practice and training.

24th February 2019 (Capel Curig)
26th May 2019 (Capel Curig)
4th August 2019 (Ogwen Valley)
13th October 2019 (Berwynion)
30th November 2019 (Moelwynion)

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Course Description

Contour Mapping Workshop

1-day Contour-Map training courses held in North Wales

£45.00 per person

This is a slightly different type of navigation course – rather than using the familiar Ordnance Survey or Harveys maps we use maps that ONLY have just the contours marked on them. This allows us to strip away confusing and distracting features and focus entirely on navigating using the slopes and folds of the landscape.

These workshops give the student an in-depth understanding of how contours work, how to visualise a three-dimensional landscape from a two-dimensional representation on a map and teach you to trust the map and see past distracting features.

This is an ideal training course for those going on to some kind of navigation-relevant assessment, such as one of the Mountain Training leadership courses, Gold NNAS or other navigation assessments.

This course is for people with at least some previous navigation experience and who want to continue to develop their skills. If you want to learn to navigate from scratch then please consider our L1 Basic Land Navigation Course.

We use uniquely-generated contour mapping at both 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 scales at different point in the day. We will provide the maps for the course.

One of our qualified and experienced Mountain Leaders will show you a variety of techniques and skills, and you will have plenty of opportunity to practice your skills.
Please see below for full course content.

The course runs from 9am to approximately 4pm.

Course Content

  • Use of contour-only maps in 25k and 50k scales
  • Setting the map to the landscape and understanding contours instinctively
  • Understanding Aspect of Slope and slope angles
  • Estimating distance across rolling terrain
  • Seeing past confusing map features
  • Working with different mapping scales
  • Choice of navigation strategies

Course Location

The Contour Mapping Workshops from Original Outdoors take place in different locations across North Wales – see date list for rough locations.

Full joining instructions and meeting points will be sent out by email after you book a place on the course.


Do I need to bring any equipment?

There is a minimum equipment list but it is what you would expect for an outdoor training course. You will also need to provide your food etc for the day..
We will also supply maps and information sheets.

Do I need any previous experience?

This is not a basic navigation course, and you will get A LOT more out of the course if you have some experience in using a compass and an Ordnance Survey map. If you are looking for a course that covers the basics of navigation with a map and compass then take a look at our L1 Basic Land Navigation course.

How fit do I need to be?

You need to be fit enough for several hours of walking on steep paths and occasionally rough ground. The pace is slow though, and the focus is on learning and skills not speed. If you have any questions about fitness then please get in touch.

Additional Information

Booking Date

13th October 2019, 2019 Gift Voucher, 24th February 2019, 26th May 2019, 30th November 2019, 4th August 2019

Who are we?

Original Outdoors is an established outdoor activity and training provider in North Wales.
We are passionate about the outdoors and share this through our training courses, activity days activity days and outdoor services.

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