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L1 Search Tracking Technician Course – Volunteer only

L1 Search Tracking Technician Course – Volunteer only

£35.00 per person (see details below)

Subsidised Level One Search Tracking Technician Course open to SAR volunteers only.

Date: 3rd-5th August 2018
Location: Ruthin, North Wales

Course Description

L1 Search Tracking Training Course

Subsidised EST Framework course open only to SAR volunteers

£35.00 per person

This course is the entry-level missing-person search tracking course for land-SAR operations. It is aimed at organisations working in the UK but is applicable to those working internationally.
The aim of this course is to provide training in the skills required to work effectively and safely as part of a wider SAR operation as a search tracking operator. It does not include technical rescue or medical training.

The EST Framework

The Environmental Survival Training (EST) Framework is the scheme we train our professional end-user clients under. It is designed to work alongside existing outdoor safety, skills and survival training schemes and is currently being delivered to various clients – including statutory emergency services, businesses, NGOs and other organisations. For more information on the framework please follow this link.

This course is heavily discounted and only open to volunteer members of search and rescue organisations operating or based in the U.K. For eligibility please see below.

Course Content

The Search Tracking Technician (L1) Course from Original Outdoors provides training in SAR tracking techniques, working within the wider SAR framework and working alongside other agencies. The content is based upon techniques employed by UK Mountain and Lowland SAR teams, and is appropriate for teams and organisations operating overseas.

Subjects covered in classroom and exercise sessions:

  • Identification and interpretation of tracks, signs of passage and other evidence
  • Acquisition, extrapolation and re-acquisition of track in different conditions
  • Working as a tracking team on the ground
  • Tracking at night and in poor weather
  • Vehicle track and sign interpretation
  • Age interpretation of track and sign
  • Basic missing person behaviour
  • Working within a wider SAR operation and alongside other agencies
  • Personal safety and integration with other SAR skills
  • Actions on casualty or object being found
  • Basic comms procedures
  • Position Formats, Latitude/Longitude and working with mapping (digital and paper)
  • Awareness of hypothermia, hyperthermia and prevention of heat and cold injuries
  • Use of PPE for protection against weather and temperature hazards
  • Emergency procedures for lost equipment and missing personnel
  • Working with Normal Operation Plans and Emergency Action Plans
  • Awareness of working near water and falls from height

Sessions start at 09:00 each day and finish at 16:00-17:00. There is a night exercise from 20:00-23:00 on the Saturday night (14th July).

There are breaks throughout the course on each day.

Course Location

The course takes place in private woodland and surrounding farmland near Ruthin in North Wales. See Accommodation notes for more information.

Accommodation and Food

The fee for this course includes instruction and learning materials only. It does not include food, travel or accommodation.

Accommodation Options

There are several local accommodation options. There are numerous hotels and B and Bs in and around Ruthin and glamping-type camping near Corwen. There is also a campsite adjacent to the Three Pigeons pub in Graighfechan.
There is also the possibility of camping on-site in the woodland we use as the main training area. There is no extra fee for this but you must be able to carry all of your equipment and food in with you (1 mile walk along woodland paths with about 200m of ascent). There is space for small (up to 4-person) tents, hammocks, tarps/bivvies etc. If you wish to stay on site please get in touch as soon as you can so we can reserve space for you.

Food and Drink

To keep costs down we do not supply any food or drink for the course, but there is clean drinking water available throughout the duration of the course.


Why is only £35.00?

Although this course is currently run for paying clients (statutory emergency services, SAR/MR teams, businesses, armed forces) this training is of course useful and valuable to those who work in the volunteer SAR organisations of the U.K.
Those organisation almost exclusively rely on the donations of the public AND the time and personal finances of the team members – we already offer heavily discounted training for volunteer SAR teams when we run a dedicated course so this is an opportunity for individuals from various teams to access the training and take it back to their organisation.

So why not just offer it for free?

If we could, we would. However there are some costs associated with the delivery of this training (training materials, land rental, certification/badge etc). The registration fee covers some of that cost, but the rest is covered by Original Outdoors and the volunteer instructors.

Can I volunteer as an instructor?

Yes – the directing staff for this course are all donating their time for the planning and teaching time on this course. If you feel your skills and experience will be useful then please get in touch.

Who can attend?

This course is open only to volunteer members of search and rescue organisations in the UK. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Mountain Rescue (MREW/MRCofS/MRI)
  • Lowland Rescue (ALSAR and other)
  • Canine SAR (SARDA and other)
  • Coastguard/Coastal SAR (HMCG)
  • Volunteer lifeboats (RNLI and other)
  • Cave and Mine rescue (BCRC and other)
  • International SAR (voluntary/unpaid)

If your organisation does not fall into the categories above but you believe that you/your organisation will benefit from this training then please get in touch.

We will be limiting attendance on this course to 25 places, with a limit of 2 places per team until the 1st July 2018. If there are places remaining after that date we can offer more places per team.

Do I need the approval of my team?

Not strictly, but it would of course be better if your team supported your attendance of this course. We will be asking for proof of your membership of a volunteer SAR organisation as well.

Course Pre-Requisites

As this course is open to a wide selection of volunteer SAR teams there is some allowance for the difference in training and operational procedures of those different teams. There are some basic skill and kit requirements that you will need to attend.
All delegates will need to:

  • Be able to navigate to a six-figure (100m) grid reference from an OS 1:25,000 map
  • Carry and use personal clothing and equipment to keep themselves warm, dry and safe for the duration of the course. 95% of the course is delivered outdoors and we work in all weathers.
  • Be able to move safely over rough terrain (slopes, logs, scrub) and work at a level expected of a land-SAR team
  • Be able to transport themselves in a vehicle between locations (approximately 2-3 miles max) so we can work in different environments

If you have any questions about these requirements or anything else please get in touch.


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