Bushcraft, Navigation, Foraging and Outdoor Skills Courses in North Wales and across the UK
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Navigation Courses

Navigation Courses in the UK

Mountain and Lowland navigation courses delivered by friendly and qualified outdoor instructors in North Wales, Snowdonia and across the U.K.

Our basic navigation one-day course. This course covers the basics of lowland and moorland navigation and is suitable for absolute novices with no previous experience.

Weekend Navigation Course

A mountain and remote area navigation course over a weekend. Two days of navigation training for all ability levels in Snowdonia and North Wales.

Natural Navigation

Learn to become aware of the clues and signs all around us in the natural and man-made landscapes we live in, and to navigate across them without map and compass.

GPS Training

If you have purchased a GPS and want to learn how to use it properly, or are considering buying a device then this is the course for you. The course is run in North Wales.

Night Navigation

When walking at night or in reduced visibility landmarks are difficult or impossible to see, distance can be difficult to judge and losing your way is easy – learn the tricks to deal with it.

Private Coaching

Our Custom Advanced Navigation days and courses will be tailored to your requirements, and you can book an instructor for a 1:1 or group session. Available across the U.K.

Learn real wilderness skills in North Wales

We have been teaching outdoor skills for ten years and our team of experienced, professional instructors have practised these skills around the world.

Why learn to navigate with us?

The ability to know where you are, know where your destination is and know how to safely get there is a fundamental outdoor skill. Our navigations courses have had participants from a huge variety of backgrounds, from compelte novices taking their first steps into the world of outdoor adventures, right through to professional users, Police forces and the Armed Forces. No matter what your background or activity, you will benefit from focused, structured training with an experienced instructor.
We have a range of UK navigation courses that not only cover lowland and mountain navigation with a map and compass, but we also have GPS training courses, natural navigation and night navigation courses and the opportunity to book an instructor for private coaching or for an event.

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