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Natural Navigation Course

Natural Navigation Course

1-day Natural Navigation Course in North Wales – no previous experience required!

£45.00 per person

Copyright Stonehouse Photographic 2013This Natural Navigation course from Original Outdoors is slightly different to our other navigation courses. It is suitable for any outdoor enthusiast, including walkers, sailors, bushcrafters, mountain bikers, kayakers and pretty much everybody else.
Rather than using a map and compass as the main method of finding your way across the landscape we look at ancient navigation techniques, the relationship between the movement of the earth, sun and stars and how we can use this, the landscape, and the weather to plot a route across the landscape.

You will be learning with one of our qualified Mountain Leaders, and the course content is aimed at complete novices. However, even if you are a competent map-and-compass navigator there will be a lot to learn as the course covers different techniques. The group sizes are kept small, usually 1:8 ratio. If we have larger groups we use a second instructor to reduce the ratio. You will not be forced to march vast distances over tough terrain, and the pace of the course will be dictated by the ability of the group. Each of our instructors learnt to navigate from scratch, and they understand what it is like to learn a new skill in the outdoors.

You can find dozens of tips and explanations, plus links to the definitive guides to natural navigation on Tristan Gooley’s site – naturalnavigator.com.

This Natural Navigation course takes place in North Wales, in the Clwydian Range AONB. We meet as a group at a pre-arranged location to suit the conditions and the group. We can provide lists of local accommodation options if you are travelling from further afield.
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The course includes:
  • Celestial bodies – how the planets move and how the moon affects the Earth
  • Natural and ancient pathways through the landscape
  • Finding direction in the landscape
  • Tactics and planning for route finding
  • Using the weather to navigate
  • Plants, watercourses and other natural features
  • Tuning into the natural landscape
  • The human factor
  • Route cards and safety planning
  • What to do if you get lost!

2017 Natural Navigation Course Dates – £45.00 per person

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Sunday 21st May (Ruthin, Clwydian Range AONB, North Wales)
Sunday 23rd July (Ruthin, Clwydian Range AONB, North Wales)
Sunday 19th November (Ruthin, Clwydian Range AONB, North Wales)

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