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GPS Training Courses

GPS Navigation Course

GPS Training courses and coaching days in North Wales

£45.00 per person

GPS Training Course
This GPS training course is aimed at all abilities of navigators, from complete novices to expert. Previous clients have ranged from somebody taking their first steps into hillwalking to professional outdoor instructors and alpine mountaineers. If you have purchased a GPS and want to learn how to use it properly, or are considering buying a device hen this is the course for you.
Most clients prefer to use their own GPS device, though we have a small range of devices to loan to course participants.

Over the past 10 years the handheld-GPS receiver has become a common sight in the outdoor world. Prices have dropped to an affordable level, and most new smartphones come with some form of GPS capability. A GPS will never become a substitute for carrying a map and compass and knowing how to use them, but it is worthwhile learning how to use a GPS, what it can do and the limitations. This course will take you through route planning, waymarking routes, using the GPS to ‘track’ your progress so you can review and repeat a route and using the GPS to relocate yourself if you become lost.

One of our qualified and experienced Mountain Leaders will show you a variety of techniques and skills, and you will have plenty of opportunity to practice your skills. We will email or post information sheets to you after the course, so you don’t even need to take notes!

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The course includes:
  • Route planning and entering waypoints
  • Following a route using the device
  • GPS limitations and potential user errors
  • Using ALL of the features your device offers
  • Mapping vs non-mapping GPS
  • Geocaching and GPS games

2016 GPS Course Dates – £45.00 per person

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9th April (Bala, Snowdonia)

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