Bushcraft, Navigation, Foraging and Outdoor Skills Courses in North Wales and across the UK
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How do we get to the course/event?

About 7 days (or earlier in some cases) we will send exact joining instructions to you via email. Normally we will arrange an easily-located RV point, such as a supermarket car park or other public area. We will then travel a short distance (never more than 7-8 miles) in convoy, with one of our vehicles leading the way at no more than 45mph.
In the event that you manage to lose your place in the convoy (if you are at the back, for example) then just head to the general location that you were given in the briefing before you set off and we will come to locate you.
In the unlikely event that you misplace yourself then please ring the numbers on our Contact Page or at the bottom of every page on this website.

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